Compromiso con la infancia. Pasión por la educación.

Pedagogy and Methodology


In Haurtxo Polita we firmly think that the main purpose of infant education is to prepare children for the life and the social context in which they will grow.This is why our pedagogical line is based on“Education for life”” (Ovide Decroly, 1871-1932, a Belgian psychologist, a pedagogue, a doctor and teacher). Children learn by means of games and through experiences they are interested in, in which the educator has the task of providing the resources and environments, besides being the model they will look at in the school. .We offer the children affection and security (we are pleased to “spoil”” our children! In fact, we believe they need it).

The education will be trilingual.. This is, the main language is Basque, which will constitutes the vehicular language (except for English) but during the adjustment period we will alternate with Spanish to facilitate children this period of changes. In addition, provided that the brain of the children in these ages is prepared to learn all languages in a natural way, we will introduce English trough different activities, songs, games, etc.


On the other hand, in our center we give great importance to the  pspsychomotricityd,therefore we have a specific space dedicated to psychomotor performance.
Our methodology revolves around ROUTINES AND THE GAME CORNERSEGO. The classroom will be distributed in several corners or “txokos”, creating different environments of flashcards / creativity, “txoko” mimic and imaginary games (kitchenette, shop, costumes …), a library, etc. The routines contribute to the children´s security, since they know the activities sequence and they learn to modulate their behavior in every moment or routine.