Compromiso con la infancia. Pasión por la educación.

Period of adjustment


  • The incorporation of the kids to the school involves the separation of their homes, which can turn out to be painful both for them and for their families. From the pedagogic point of view, it is important to provide them a period of adjustment, since the future learnings of the kids along their education will depend to a great extent on the fact that they are able to assimilate this process in the most natural and positive possible way.


  • We know that it may turn out to be complicated for you to square schedules and vacations. For this reason, to facilitate your planning, Haurtxo Polita has prepared a period of adjustment of between 2 and 3 weeks (depending on the needs of every kid and family). And remember that it is a process in which not only the children do take part, but also the educators, since you and we have also to adapt ourselves. So, we thank you for your collaboration in advance.