Compromiso con la infancia. Pasión por la educación.



  • DINING ROOM: Haurtxo Polita puts at your disposal the services of breakfast, lunch and food to facilitate your family conciliation.
    As for the service of the dining room we offer you the possibility of bringing food from home or taking advantage of our service of catering specialized in infant nutrition, including menus for children with allergies or food intolerances.
    In the middle of the morning and in the afternoon we will offer the children a little snack (some cookies or some fruit).



  • NAPPIESS AND WET-WIPES: Because of our commitment with the care of our planet, HAURTXO POLITA offers you the comfort of including wet-wipes and nappies 100% ecological in our service, free of chemical components, which in addition reduces allergies and irritations in babies´ bottoms to a great extent.


  • COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES: Celebration of the Universal Day of Infancy, Olentzero’s visit, carnivals, etc. In some activities we will invite you, the families, to take part.




  • PARENTS SCHOOL: Talks and meetings both individually and in groups, and in collaboration with the Harribide Foundation (Etxebarri) dedicated to extra-curricular education.